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Why is Pretend Play so Important in Child Development in Fort Mill?

Posted on 01-15-2015


Pretend play forms a very important part of growing up as a preschooler. Most parents tend to think that watching a child pour imaginary tea into a cup for a few dolls means nothing. However, studies by child care professionals around the world show that pretend play is developmentally significant. Here are some reasons why pretend plays supports your child’s development:

Pretend play allows your child to experiment with different roles

When your child pretends, he or she is actually experimenting with different social roles. When your child pretends to be a mother or father to a doll, he or she is actually beginning to understand parenting. These types of imaginative scenarios teach your child to see the world through someone else’s eyes, which in turn exposes him or her to the notion of empathy and understanding.

Thinking skills

Pretend play helps your child deal with a variety of different problems that he or she may not typically face. These challenges present themselves in different ways, such as two preschoolers who both want to play the role of prince or princess. This challenge will force the two to use their combined problem solving skills in order to find a resolution to the problem.

Language skills through impersonation

How often have you listened to your child converse with imaginary friends? Chances are you will hear him or her use words that you might have not heard your child use before. Preschoolers are incredibly perceptive, and will pick up on words used by teachers and parents and use them in imaginary play.

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