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Teaching the Value of Reflection

Posted on 01-10-2017

We enter into 2017 with eager anticipation as we look forward to all the things that the new year will bring. Looking forward is exciting as we consider all the possibilities, but sometimes we need to reflect on the past and dwell on how far we have come, and all the things that have made us who we are today.

The same is true of our children, and it is important for them to remember the sweet memories of yesteryear. Here are two ways that we can help our children reflect on the past year and all the memories made together:

1. What was your favorite memory of 2016?

Ask your child this, and engage them in conversation. Get those thinking wheels turning, and fill them in on any details that they might be missing. Share your favorite memory with them because sometimes the best memories are made just in everyday conversation as we share our heart with one another.

2. Look through old pictures and watch old home videos.

This is a wonderful way to bring back memories through visual means. As we’ve heard, a picture is worth a thousand words. Looking through pictures and videos is likely the best way to help your child remember all the things they did in 2016. Look through pictures of holidays, birthdays, or family vacations, and ask them what they remember about the scene that was captured. “Do you remember when we went fishing at the lake? What was your favorite part about that day?”

Reflecting on the past is encouraging to little ones because they can see how much they have grown and how much they have learned through the years. It is also a great way to grab ahold of the time that you have together, and to make intentional effort to stop and make time to see just how amazing your little one is. It seems like we look up, and they’re already grown, so maybe we just need to take the time to look up a little bit more often.

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