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Preschoolers and Fitness

Posted on 12-28-2017

Now that’s not a phrase that you hear everyday. However, with the advent of social media and the recent fitness craze, it has become a conversation. If you’ve seen these preschool age weightlifters who are probably more fit than you ever have been in your life, then you might be wondering if you are doing something wrong. Now that might be a little overkill, but the thought of how to encourage your child towards a healthy lifestyle is definitely a conversation worth having. Here are some ideas for how to implement some healthier and more active choices into the life of you and your preschooler:

Not About Results

Ultimately, you know your own kid, and you know how they are going to respond to new experiences. If it is constantly a struggle to get them outside and active, then this is something to fight for. But it’s definitely not about seeing how many pull-ups that they can do. What’s significant in the long run is the overall development of your child and your ability to instill healthy habits now that will stick with them throughout their life. Especially when talking about kids this young, it’s important to emphasize that it is much more about their general health than it ever is about an end result.

Set an Example

Kids are impressionable, and ultimately they are going to follow your lead on health and physical activity as much as they do in other areas of their life. If you are trying to get your preschooler to eat broccoli so that they grow big and strong, but won’t eat it yourself, odds are that isn’t going to go over well. If you want your child to go play outside on a Saturday but never move yourself from in front of the television, that is going to come across as hypocritical. However, on the same line of thought, if you are constantly outside, if you set a standard for healthy eating and for an active lifestyle, then they are probably going to follow suit and be the better for it! The outdoors is often an easy win, it fosters creativity and provides space for adventure. Fight for it! Teach your kid to ride a bike, take a walk, throw the ball, go to the park. It doesn’t matter when or how, but it will set the tone for their life and encourage a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.`

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