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Fort Mill, SC Childcare: Outdoor Activities The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Posted on 05-02-2016

There may be more rain on the horizon but your children have likely had enough rainy day indoor activities and are ready for some serious outdoor fun! So, pack your bags, load up the minivan and take the kids outside to run around, play, and soak up the sunshine. Going to the neighborhood park is a great idea, but there are definitely other ideas for outdoor fun – some of these activities just take a little bit of extra creativity and preparation.

Whatever you choose to do with your children, remember that quality time spent with them is more important than the activity that you actually end up doing! So, don’t stress out and enjoy exploring the great outdoors together!

Go on a nature safari.

Is there a creek or lake near your home? Or even a wooded area? Pack some binoculars, a sketch pad and a glass jar and go exploring! Ask your child to be extra quiet as you observe different types of birds, squirrels, and other critters. Pay attention to different types of flowers and plants that are sprouting out of the ground. If you come across an interesting bug, or even a frog, help your child scoop it up in a jar and look at it up close. If your child is artsy, give her time to draw the critter in her sketch pad before returning it to its natural habitat.

Get out the chalk and make sidewalk art.

This outdoor activity requires nothing more than colored chalk and a sidewalk. All you have to do is pick out a shady area and let your child’s imagination go wild! To spice things up, pick a theme for your sidewalk chalk art. Tell your child to create a fairytale land with castles, dragons and princesses. Or, create a zoo with giraffes and monkeys!

Plan a scavenger hunt.

Before you go out to your favorite park or nature area, make a list of items for your child to find or do when you get there. It can be as easy as “Find a tree with flowers on it,” “Find a dandelion,” or “Do 10 jumping jacks!” The goal is to keep your child occupied and active! If you want to encourage some healthy competition, set a timer and reward the child who gets done with the scavenger hunt first!

Pitch a tent and have a “camp out” in the backyard.

If you have a backyard, take your kids outside for a “camp out.” Pitch a tent, bring out some sandwiches and lemonade, and pretend you’re in the middle of a forest. When it gets dark, look for shooting stars, and maybe even tell spooky stories!

At Kids ‘R’ Kids of Fort Mill, we value outdoor play, creativity and imagination. That’s why our center is equipped with four outdoor play areas with state-of-the-art equipment. Children have scheduled times in the morning and afternoon to explore the outside world in a safe environment with well-trained supervision. As if that wasn’t enough, we also offer year-round field trips where children get to experience fun places in the community – like the library, petting zoo or even the local grocery store! Contact us today to see if Kids ‘R’ Kids of Fort Mill is the right place for your child!

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