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Fort Mill Childcare Insight: Why do preschoolers need physical education?

Posted on 07-17-2015 | Jen Miles


Today childhood obesity is a growing and important problem. Toddlers who suffer from obesity are at increased risk of growing up to become obese adults. The importance of daily physical activity from a young age cannot be overstated. You must ensure that your child develops good physical activity habits, as well as, healthy eating habits, so that he or she can live a healthy life. Here we discuss in more detail why physical exercise is so important for preschoolers.

Prevent obesity and resulting complications

The number one cause of obesity among preschoolers is a lack of exercise coupled with an unhealthy diet. By ensuring that your child gets plenty of exercise beginning at the toddler stage, your child will develop good physical habits. Toddlers have energy to run and play so encourage this as much as you can. Preschoolers need to have a lot of physical activity on a daily basis.

Lay the foundation for an active, healthy lifestyle

By ensuring that your child remains active throughout childhood, he or she will be more likely to have an active lifestyle later on in life. One way to promote physical fitness is to enroll your child in some local team activities. As your child becomes more accomplished at the activity, he or she may develop a lifelong love and always be active. You can also promote family activities such as walking and exploring to keep your preschooler moving.

Improve motor skills

Physical activity beginning from a young age helps your child develop both gross and fine motor skills. Activities such as catching, throwing, kicking, climbing and running all have an impact on your child’s motor skills development.

The childcare specialists at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Fort Mill, South Carolina, strongly believe in a healthy balance between academics and physical activity. Contact us today to find out how your preschooler can benefit from our excellent learning program.

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