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Can tablet games help your Fort Mill preschooler’s education?

Posted on 08-25-2014


With the ubiquitous nature of tablets and smart devices today, it is not too early to expose your preschool child to these devices. Many parents feel that allowing a child access to these devices may have a negative impact. However, the experts at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Fort Mill understand the potential of tablets and the applications available for teaching preschool children.

We see the benefits that your child can receive from these devices and applications. These devices definitely have a place in the preschool classroom, as well as at home. Today there are thousands of games and applications available specifically designed for preschool children that can assist your child in learning and in his or her brain development. Here are some reasons why we believe in the use of tablets and smart-devices:

Ease of use

Tablets are very easy to use for both parent and child. Parents can download age appropriate applications to help boost their child’s skills in any subject. These applications are fun and engaging which keeps your child learning. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Fort Mill has discovered that when your child is having fun, he or she is more open to learning. We use the latest technology in our preschool to support the development of a variety of foundational skills. Your child will spend his or her time exploring, learning, and accomplishing new skills at each of our different learning stations.

Complement your child’s preschool learning

Parents who want their child to continue learning beyond preschool can make use of these devices at home. By knowing what your child is learning during the day, you can prepare applications to use at home afterwards to reinforce those lessons learning during the day.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Fort Mill provides your child with a high quality preschool education through our Fast Track Curriculum™ and our technologically advanced learning stations. Contact us for more information.

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