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Brain development: How your child develops communication skills

Posted on 07-10-2015 | Jen Miles


Your child starts to develop communication skills from the day he or she is born. The acquisition of communication skills follows a pattern starting with babbling, then progressing to trying to speak single words, then moving on towards forming sentences. This learning is a mixture of rapid brain development and the encouragement of communication by parents and family members. Here, we take a closer look at how your child develops communication skills during the first three years of life.

Year one

For the first six months, your infant will listen intently to the sound of your voice and those of others in the environment. Then your baby will begin to imitate you, but will only be able to babble initially. You will begin to hear your child start to form basic words as he or she turns one year old. To encourage your child to learn more quickly, speak and read to your child on a regular basis.

Year two

This period is often referred to as the two-word stage by most developmental researchers. This is because most toddlers between the ages of one and two will begin to communicate in basic two-word sentences. By the end of year two, your child will start to understand basic commands and may possess a vocabulary consisting of dozens of words.

Year three

By now, your child will start using language in more advanced ways, stringing together sentences. Your child should be able to say his or her own name, speak several hundred words, recount what happened during the day, and speak simple sentences, all while beginning to use adverbs and adjectives to describe things.

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